A wild ride through the Blaq Numbers Alternative Universe on a charity compilation with some heart behind it. A Change Gonn’ Come references Sam Cooke but is dedicated to the late Mahsa Amini and the Iranian protest movement; all revenues will be donated to the Center for Human Rights in Iran.

A Change Gonn’ Come bravely starts with straight-ahead jazz, the downtempo but lively “Manigod” from POLY POLY featuring Valentina Oefele. From there things flow: through the shimmering lo-fi vaporwave jazz of George John’s “Pillow Fort” and the shuffling uptempo dance of Vicmari’s “Circus” (one of the best tracks on the record). Detours through Italo and New Wave lead us eventually to some really fresh 4/4 tracks by DJ Detox (“Verdant Dawn”) and Lydia Eisenblätter, whose “Sign” is pure gold — her handclaps and vicious chords are a beautiful combination.

V/A: A Change Gonn’ Come (Blaq Numbers / Digital / February 2023)
1. POLY POLY feat. Valentina Oefele – Manigod (03:24)
2. George John – Pillow Fort (04:08)
3. F.D.M feat. Postnegative – One Way (04:53)
4. Vicmari – Circus (06:36)
5. Albert Vogt – Pack It Up (prod. by Steve Martin) (04:53)
6. Karya – Don’t Stop (10:38)
7. Local DJ – Yo Ha Han (05:40)
8. Moff & Tarkin – Tupperware (07:28)
9. Funken Wavetropi – Trippin’ On Cheese (04:02)
10. Real Velour – Look What You’ve Done (04:18)
11. The Chord Memory Club – Kohlrabi Bells (06:26)
12. Delores Galore – Life Static (Bandcamp Exclusive) (04:12)
13. Lydia Eisenblätter – Sign (06:44)
14. DJ Detox – Verdant Dawn (04:57)
15. Scruscru & Mike Fot – Aloe (05:18)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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