Bleep District: Pigs and Troughs EP

Being a long time fan, I always look forward to the new Drop Music promos that get passed my way. For those who don’t know, Drop Music was pioneered and championed by Laurence Ritchie who is 1/2 of the famed Inland Knights duo and also produces under the solo moniker Larry Fives. If you don’t know about Drop Music, I suggest checking them out, as their back catalogue is vast and chock full of jams.

Anyway, onward and upward we move with the next installment from Drop Music brought to us by the Nottingham duo Bleep District. BD is comprised of two people with the name Matt, one of whom is from the Rhythm Plate duo. Lots of mish-mashing going on with these UK duos here, but it all ends up with great House Music being produced as an end result. I have been following Bleep District who have has some fantastic releases on some solid labels such as Amenti, Replay, and Lost My Dog. Their style is a mix of eclectic sample shooting over deep funky House grooves, polished with great synth basslines.

Their studio skills are solid as can be which is evident on the Pigs & Troughs EP. The first track “Colours” is a deep synth jam with a techy bassline that pushes the boom boom through the room. This tune reminds me of some of the Miguel Migs tracks from the early days of Salted. Up next is my one of my favorite picks from the EP, a tune called “Escape Goat”, another synth driven track that kicks off with a robotic feel and really delivers the funk after the first break with a killer moving bassline. The tune is definitely a crowd pleaser. “Prepay The DJ” makes a point with its dramatic title. It also makes a dramatic punch in the soundsphere with a frantic stab and techy deep groove that makes me think “Future House Space Funk”. This tune is a fantastic of solid forward thinking House Music that will definitely rock the floors of now.

To finish the Pigs & Troughs EP is another forward jam called “Setting Sun”. It pushes with another pulsing bass groove and a droning synth lick that continues the motion.

Overall, this EP is well thought out and superbly produced. All the tunes sound great and will kill dance floors, but the two that really rub me right are “Escape Goat” and “Prepay The DJ”.

Review by Frankie J

Available: Released in February 2011; available online from Juno Download