Blue Mondays: Vinyl Ain’t Vintage Vol 1

A rallying cry from two guys that make beautiful but fun Deep House.

Whoa, where have you been hiding all my life? I admit I was suckered into this by the title, so if that was their intention – good job, Blue Mondays!

What I found was beautiful but fun Deep House, the sort of Deep House that you hold dear because it’s too hard to find to spread too widely. “Do They Really Exist? samples some kind of short loop from what must be a much larger riff and holds an organ note until you think you might never get it out of your head. It’s stomping without being loud or cheesy. “Tropicale” features again some kind of small little fragment of a sample, this time of horns backed by demented strings. I have to stress: these tracks are almost impossible to get out of your head, you might not think much at first but give it a day and you’ll be humming them like a two note commercial jingle you first saw 20 years ago and haven’t been able to purge. “Ghost Track 1” is worthy of Strictly Jaz Unit; “Ghost Track 2” is some kind of junkyard boogie you might imagine being made by those bucket kids that used to beat the shit out of plastic drums on the street.