Curb Side is a Leeds, UK based label that I discovered at the end of a convoluted Bandcamp adventure that ended by adding about 150 records to my wishlist and thinking I’d some day go back and listen at greater leisure. That never happens, so I missed out in telling you about Twostep2’s No Way Out, a twitchy little bassbin masterpiece that surfaced on vinyl nearly a year and a half ago.

This is Curb Side’s first release since then, and yes I’m as thrilled as you are to learn that there is finally a producer who goes by the name “Boink.” Contrast Stitch is described by the label as Boink’s “debut full length” and features four tracks generally centered around UK garage, leftfield house, a lot of fucking bass and only a faint trace of what some hearty souls are calling “garage house.”

“Nor Wee” is zoned-out garage at its finest and if that’s how you lean it’ll be your gem of this EP. “Have More Fun” achieves lift-off and just seems like one of those songs just made for a DJ to lead off a set: quirky, danceable, and it accelerates nicely, and there’s a break at 3:10 where you can mix into almost anything. “Just A Doop” is a track about a sinister bass that’s so fucking fat it creates gravity wells wherever it’s played. This is a good time.

⚪️ Contrast Stitch Tracklisting

Boink: Contrast Stitch (Curb Side / 12" Vinyl only)
A1. "Nor Wee" (6:18)
A2. "Have More Fun" (7:18)
B1. "Just A Doop" (5:45)
B2. "Contrast Stitch" (7:09)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

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5 Mag Issue 211
Out January 2024

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