Boo Williams

Color me amazed. New label Contemporary Scarecrow has planted a foot firmly in the scene by dragging several classic Boo Williams compositions out of the cobwebs and blending them with four brand new cuts. The re-issues got my attention, but the new material blew me away.

Of particular note for the heads, you’ll get a new appreciation of 2000’s epic, 12 minute tune “Big Fat Woman” (originally released by Nite Life Collective) and “Tickle Me” which dropped a year later on Residual under Boo’s “Mandrake” alias. “Tickle Me” was neglected in favor of the other track on the Mandrake release, “Eternal Mind” – I’ve always thought it was an underrated and overlooked track so it’s nice to see it get some shine.

And then it happens. The slow churning build of “Futher Teck” is a mindfuck: you spend 3 minutes waiting for this track to turn over, and when it does, I don’t think my neighbors were prepared for hearing this turned up to 10. Joyful noise! All four of the new tracks are this way: they’re danceable, and you wouldn’t expect anything less, but there’s a flair for texture and tone that I’ve never heard from Boo Williams before. The inspiring “Joy Ride” sounds rather like an inspired soundtrack; with some editing, it could fit as a film score.