Boorane Collaborate on Thru Jazz to Mars

Hip hop beats, soul and a deft assist from Lay-Far on the remix of Thru Jazz to Mars on In-Beat-Ween Music.

Boorane is a collaboration between two Russian soul hackers named Boora and Krane. That whole scene is pretty new to me, but cover the label with a sticky and you could easily pass this off as a lost recording from Atjazz or a lowdown London soul survivor. Thru Jazz To Mars can be divided (if that didn’t go against what I suspect is the entire point here) into a couple of tracks for the hip hop heads, a couple for the housers and a few that are too entangled between the two to make a distinction.

“Find The Way” is the housiest track on here (a collaboration with Lay-Far) and for my money the runaway smash of this record. You can fake a lot of shit with a layer of technology, but the moment when the drums drop out at 3:25 and hold the dancefloor in suspense is both thrilling and a sure sign that someone knows what the fuck they’re doing. The punchyness of the drums recommends this one to both big & small systems and rooms. “Intro Kusok” is a little space age bachelor pad sounds for the modern millennial. “Floor Work” is all about the drums, as the name suggests, and thick, nearly sub-audible bass. “Rhytmah Jazza” is a souled up hip hop and broken beat backroom boiler, with “Starlight” again wrapped so deeply in between the two (and with a bit of Eno sneaking in the back door with his shoes under his arm).


  1. […] Thru Jazz To Mars was the debut release from Boorane, the project of two Russian producers on Lay-Far’s In-Beat-Ween Music label. A cocktail of jazz, hip-hop and Deep House filtered through a layer of Soviet music, it positioned Boorane (as individuals, they go by “Boora” and “Krane”) at the forefront of the burgeoning Russian dance music scene that’s just beginning to dazzle DJs and dance floors across Europe & the Americas. […]

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