In our interview in the current issue of 5 Mag, Chez Damier mentions quite a few proteges, students and younger producers that he’s been working with recently. One of them is Brawther. As the man responsible for the mysterious slab of vinyl released under the alias Paris Underground Trax and now the Do It Yourself EP from agency/label Secretsundaze, you can see why Chez has warmed up to the man. This was released on vinyl earlier but I can’t pass the chance to pass it on; these three tracks of lush yet throughly energetic Deep House each take you on as much of a journey as any long-form compilation or mix set.

“Spaceman Funk” uses up every last millisecond of its 8:13 playtime, leading off with easy-to-mix claps before a transition into some percussion-driven bump and finally erupting with gorgeous big mamma diva vocals and classic synth waves. George FitzGerald’s remix kicks it around a bit for a more clubby vibe; either mix is really a matter of taste and circumstance, as they’re both quality.

The title track, “Do It Yourself” is a bit more funky with a shuffling little riff, but never strays far from that crystal-clear ’90s Deep House sound that Brawther does so well. I actually detect a few strands of Spencer Kincy DNA in that playful little riff and some of the exotic beats – few did crazy-ass funk better than Gemini. Classy from start to finish, and that goes for the whole EP. Pass this one up at your own risk.



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