Out of print and fetching upwards of fifty bucks a copy, this four track collection of remixes from French supremo Brawther received a limited 12″ reissue in May… and promptly went out of print again. For the record: this is a reissue of a cut that’s only two years old. To generate that level of heat is astonishing; to measure up to it is one objective way of establishing of how insanely fucking talented this guy really is.

Being Balance Recordings, however, this is not a normal reissue of a remix EP, but a remix of Brawther’s Remixes EP. Which is to say: two holdovers (“Le Voyage” and “GSM’s Life”) hold down the fort while two new(ish) productions, “Spaceman Funk” and “Not Another Shout” are also included. A different mix of “Spaceman Funk” appeared on Brawther’s Do It Yourself EP from Secretsundaze. The “OG Mix” here is a bit more cosmic – it’s not just a welcome shift but positively refreshing with the pyrotechnics of the other tracks still ringing in my ears.

And most of those eruptions come courtesy of Brawther’s MLIU dub of “GSM’s Life”. I mean, you don’t get better than this. You don’t. Not now, not 15 or 20 years ago. It’s like someone mapped the genetic code of the history of dance music and incubated the most perfect track in history from it. Words fail, but you know it when you hear it: perfection.


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