Tribal, as befits the title of the EP and its best track: Summer from Tulipa Recordings hits the perfect vibe for this three track EP of new material on From Camp With Love. “Campfire Hypnosis” is probably the most apt description you’re going to get from a label that loves to toy with artwork, 1-sheets and titles: drums a bit more soulful than the average techno record, with mysterious sequences that seem to grow and fall away like dancing shadows. The wilderness terrifies me, and the tracks sometimes sound ominous, like the “sightings” footage from the soundtrack of a UFO movie never made, and sometimes cozy and inviting like the landscapes & moods it was probably inspired by. Heavy on percussion, mental in the outset, these tracks ooze with atmosphere.


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Summer (Brendon Collins): From Camp With Love (Tulipa Recordings)
1. Campfire Hypnosis (6:24)
2. The Noon Shadows Shift (6:18)
3. Love In Sparks Original Mix (6:08)