This set of remixes of an ’06 track now come with some deep South African remix influence. The vocals slowly draw you in with the concept (along the lines of “sorry, bud, it was good but she’s leavin’ you”) and execution (Jade’s warm sound). The Office Gossip Remix will appeal to those who used to play in a band – the constant bassline evokes images of that guy (or gal) in the corner who never looks up from his upright. My top two choices – totally different – are the Trancemicsoul Deepsoul Dub and the Aero Manyelo Remix, though all four tracks are perfect for a night that leans toward chill. The Trancemicsoul Deepsoul Dub tickles your ears and five minutes later you realize your brain left your body to float around above the crowd for just a bit – maybe it’s the hint of echo in the vocals.

The Aero Manyelo Remix is more processed, but that’s not a bad thing because the warm floaty chords complement the bouncy, bubbly popping that drops out right before “Ohhhhh, change” pulls you back in. If performed live, the Revisited Remix bassline would be a man strumming a giant, tight rubberband to get that thick, vibrating feeling. Whatever track you choose, the vocals (“I made up my mind, I’m out of the door…”) evoke sad (but also happy), watery eyes. reminding you of the ex you will always be friends with but never (ever) get back together with!

Review by Lydia Wrobel