There’s always that one great mix people remember you for. Mine is called Bodegas and it was a labor of love put together in the summer of 2002 when I was back home from my first year of college. I had most of the tracks picked out but it still needed a special boost, so I went shopping. On that trip I found the Bounce EP on Classic and “Stucco Homes” was the glue that pieced together that wonderful puzzle.

Thirteen years later and The Bounce is Back! Is it an exercise in nostalgia? Hell no! Brett Johnson has always been wonderfully quirky, funky and robotic. Whether it’s DJ Heather or Dave Barker behind the mic, vocalists will go that extra creative mile for Brett.

Mikey V’s work here readily stands up with his predecessors. It’s just another day at the office for these two and it’s painfully obvious. Bleeps, bloops, and boompty basslines are prominent on every track in this package. Kudos to thatmanmonkz on the remix for creating some fantastic textures and a wonderfully soulful break in the middle.