Of all the self-declared archivists sifting through the silt and sand of classic Deep House, Danse Club established itself right quick with several cuts remixed and reissued with a degree of respect you’ll never see from dance music’s fallen indie giants. Founders Brodanse have stepped out from under the considerable shadow of the past with a new release on Chicago’s Fresh Meat (still the archwizards of A&R – for younger producers, labels used to actually be selective about what they released, and Fresh Meat are better at ferreting out outstanding work from unheralded producers than anyone. It’s a cliche to call it a lost art – it’s a lost culture.)

This is the first release on Danse Club’s “Black Series”, and no joke, this is even better than I anticipated. Deep and dark, a fat bassline and a gorgeous vocal from Cari Golden is offset by sparse, emotive keys – it’s lush, it’s warm, it’s even a real fucking song, with real fucking vocals, just like mamma used to make. Lumino grinds it down to its basic components in a dubby remix; Oliver $ adds a lot more energy at the expense of the original’s artistry.