Bryan Jones: Yesterday EP

Am I the only one who is pleased to see Bryan Jones name back in their playlists?? There was time in my life when his name was as consistent as the damp in London – you could just count on it being there. So I’m pretty happy to say that the newest EP from Bryan ain’t anything to sneeze at, Freaks. And if it’s a funky, soulful, jazzy with a jack thing that you’re looking for – then look no more.

“All Mine” is something between funky and jump-up jack, leading the way on this EP. “Yesterday” jumps into your ears with a filtered guitar riff, breaks with an am-sounding guy singing to you about how he knows things are gonna be great, and splits with a funk to it that’ll make you almost sneer [in that way that only another DJ or dancer can appreciate]. When I played it the other evening the audience went a bit ape sh!t, and even as I’m sitting here writing this my ass is bouncing in my chair! Can ya’ dig it? Gaining composure is not recommended.

Review by Sista Stroke