Burial: Young Death/Nightmarket (Hyperdub)

These come out of nowhere and something would feel quite wrong if there seemed to be a discernible plan behind Burial releases. The latest Burial 12″ features two tracks and the vinyl sold out seemingly within minutes of its late November release date. “Young Death” feels like something precious that is sure to fall to pieces upon closer inspection and can only be appreciated from afar – textures of crackling vinyl pops or electrical discharge ensheath a kernel of an R&B hook. Sonorous vocals in the background offset the main voice until they both fade away in favor of a pause of silence and then another, entirely different one. I don’t know if other people feel this way, but it’s vaguely unsettling – the feeling of having been bundled into the boot of a car and trying to figure out where you are by the maddeningly imperceptible sounds around you.


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