Tracks by Byron The Aquarius don’t go the way you think they’re gonna go. Thirty second clips are almost pointless; ninety second previews sometimes don’t help either. You really have no idea what’s going to come at you: objects big and small get thrown at you like vector graphics from a lo-tech video game. While still remaining musical as all fuck, Byron lets Jesus grab the wheel and He flies through the urban maze like he’s riding an amphetamine-powered hotrod.

Apron is listed as an EP but is album-length for sure, featuring 8 tracks and 2 bonus tracks tossed in. Icy keys that sound like Jeff Lorber crouched over a first edition Yamaha DX7 characterize the strangely titled “Dr. Robonik featuring MDMA” and “Girls Girls Girls.” “Let Go (Sunshine)” is a strain of highly strung deep house and “Fun Fun Fun” featuring Brandon Banks swerves into classic (and authentic) funk territory. There’s always something strange about a Byron The Aquarius track and these are no different.

Byron The Aquarius: Apron EP (Apron Records / September 2020 / 12″ Vinyl/Digital)

1. Byron The Aquarius: Dr Robonik feat. MDMA (04:29)
2. Byron The Aquarius: Girls Girls Girls (04:39)
3. Byron The Aquarius: Let Go (Sunshine) (05:25)
4. Byron The Aquarius: End of Time (04:33)
5. Byron The Aquarius: Fun Fun Fun feat. Brandon Banks (04:46)
6. Byron The Aquarius: I Want to Go (05:13)
7. Byron The Aquarius: Dr Funk Yo Mind (04:04)
8. Byron The Aquarius: A$tRoTrOn (06:22)
9. Byron The Aquarius: Cold Winter’s – Bonus Track (03:57)
10. Byron The Aquarius: If Only She Knew – Bonus Track (04:25)



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