C. Scott was introduced to the world as a kind of Pittsburgh wunderkind. Two years on after he blew our minds with “Climb On” from The Pittsburgh Diaries (Lumberjacks in Hell), hometown label Pittsburgh Tracks has signed a slew of his funky, soulful basement tracks. The label notes for Distance Fog call him an “MPC virtuoso” and in two words they’ve summed up what would take me a few paragraphs to articulate: Scott’s samples are tastefully done, building new churches around old cornerstones. “Departure” has a churn and a driving tempo I always associate with the great Afrobeat rhythm sections and the DJs that pay tribute to their rhythms like Ron Trent and Rich Medina. “Distance Fog” is a kaleidoscope of downtempo bass and glass bells and electrified things synthesized to sound like them. Scott’s hip hop roots are evident in “City Steps,” which beats on the walls with the best lo-fi post-Endtroducing… records out there. Lots of gems here, some polished and some uncut and throwing a thousand dazzling flares.

C. Scott: Distance Fog (Pittsburgh Tracks)
1. C. Scott: Departure (07:10)
2. C. Scott: Distance Fog (04:26)
3. C. Scott: City Steps (03:13)
4. C. Scott: Daily (AP’s WRLDSHP ZONE Dub Remix) (06:58)
5. C. Scott: Daily (Original Mix) (05:51)
6. C. Scott: Top Shelf (01:46)
7. C. Scott: Thanks for Calling (digital exclusive) (05:51)


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