Review: C. Scott: The Pittsburgh Diaries

Press play, listen to Climb On from The Pittsburgh Diaries and try to keep yourself from slapping the Buy button over and over again.

Yikes! I’ve been sitting on this one for months, it seems, and some of your heroes have been beating it for twice as long. C. Scott is apparently a young kid from Pittsburgh, though I’m piecing that together largely from cryptic allusions scattered across the internet from a variety of label sites, distributor notes and Facebook comments. Either way: Press play, listen to A1’s “Climb On” and try to keep yourself from slapping the Buy button over and over again. This is rich, gorgeous, full-bodied & fat-bottomed dance music, to be distilled in the seeping walls of a thousand basement house parties over the next five years. This is a record that you will be able to pick up and play 5 years, 10 years, 20 years from now without having to make any allowances at all. Whatever it is – taste, execution, luck, or drawing a mainline into the Cosmic We that drives all compulsions for the citizens of Planet Funk – C. Scott has it, caught it and rides it to a fantastic crescendo.

I should point out there are 3 more tracks on here – “Stuttering” and “At Ease” featuring Buscrates deserve this kind of studied critical fellatio too – but you have about five seconds to scoop this up before some balding guy named Lutz in a basement apartment corners the market on The Pittsburgh Diaries and starts selling them for $47.95 each on discogs.


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