Cajmere and Gene Farris: The Chicago Jazz and New Gotham EPs

A central part of Chicago House is the presence of the elements that created it. Keeping true to that essence is the creation of The Chicago Jazz EP, the follow-up to The New Gotham EP from producers Cajmere and Gene Farris.

The primary theme of this project relies on the places that got this movement started in the first place. Dedications to Le Mirage, The Power Plant, The Music Box, and The Warehouse compose the foundation of these tunes. Make no mistake about it – these sample-layered tracks move and represent exactly what made us dance at these unforgettable places.

The music video to “The Music Box” takes us back to classic footage of Soul Train. After hearing the introduction of “Coming On Strong”, I knew this track was going places. It takes off immediately as the drums carry you into the core of the single.

The Chicago Jazz EP is a solid follow-up to The New Gotham EP. This joint consists of two tracks, “The Edge of the Looking Glass” and “Humming Bird”. Any fan of DJ Sneak and Paul Johnson’s work will go over the cliff for these pieces. I strongly recommend the sultry, soulful sample play of “Humming Bird”, as this track is worked to the fullest.

Best bet: as DJs return to what the early days of what Chicago House music is all about, these releases will move any dance floor. My bias for sample-based construction is very clear, but any lover of House Music will certainly agree that these tunes are worth having. Enjoy!

Available: Online at Juno Download.

Review by Lloyd Dev