Cajmere and Wayne Williams: Acid House (Cajual)

After Cajmere recently remixed Wayne William’s single, “You The Feeling” for Maurice Joshua on his Nu Soul label, he must’ve sparked the idea for this release. It’s not groundbreaking but it gets the job done for sure, and that’s what’s most important.

Acid House as a genre has been around since the early days – as has Wayne Williams – so his vocals on this project make it a perfect match. Add some production by Cajmere and the acid pattern from Adonis’ “We’re Rocking Down The House”, and you’re in business. Wayne pays homage by shouting out the Acid House masters & originators like Armando, Phuture, Mr. Fingers, of course Adonis as well as others.

This tune is a perfect way to reminisce the days of old or educate a younger generation with a sound that will live forever. Beat That Acid!