Calmos & Berzingue Belleville album artwork

“Belleville” has a certain and specific cachet in electronic music, but the title of the new EP from Calmos & Berzingue references the original Paris neighborhood of Belleville rather than the one that lent its name to the trio of Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins and Derrick May. Calmos & Berzingue apparently made their first tracks there, most of which have been released under the alias “ALVA” on Inner Balance and their own Virage. Here they return to Pont Neuf, which is as good a home base as any, with four stripped down and loud deep house tracks.

The Belleville EP leads off with “Java,” which uses the time honored formula of bouncy chords and an shuffling percussion for some beautiful results. The similarity of sound and approach suggests these tracks were made quickly or with a limited kit, which for DJs means if you like one you’re probably going to find good opportunity to play all four. “Piat” is another top track here, with a voice twisted into an apparition over an uptempo and driving rhythm.

Belleville is out now on Pont Neuf — one of the unsung heroes of the French underground and the deep house scene in general, specializing in untouchable tracks from artists regardless of how well-known they are.

Calmos & Berzingue: Belleville EP (Pont Neuf / February 2021 / 12″ Vinyl/Digital)
1. Calmos & Berzingue: Java (05:31)
2. Calmos & Berzingue: Pali Kao (06:30)
3. Calmos & Berzingue: Piat (05:30)
4. Calmos & Berzingue: Burnouf (05:48)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was sent as a promo on behalf of the label (but to be honest we never noticed it until finding it again on Bandcamp.)



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