Camouflage: Want You Back

Camouflage is a pretty interesting guy. He learned to DJ as a teenager in Joburg, moved to London in 2003 and started up pretty much the only House Music internet radio station I make the time to listen to, ChicagoHouseFM. (It should be disclosed that Czarina and Rees from 5 Mag has a show slot on CHFM; it should also be disclosed that I personally have nothing to do with it.)

“Want You Back” and its remix are 2/5ths of Camouflage’s The Groovelab EP, but I didn’t even hear the other tracks for this one. “Want You Back” is a straight-ahead groover, kind of teetering between clubby House and a more jackin’ style. I can’t place the vocal but it sounds like early Colette, circa the time around the release of the Home & Garden track “Sexuality” on Classic in 2002. There’s a nice bit of key phrasing and some splashy FX but nothing too complicated or overcooked – just a great House tune with a nice hook.

The Reality Remix is a dubby send-up (named, according to the liner notes, after a club called “reality” in Johannesburg that Camouflage used to play at). There’s a wicked bassline here and an early break (at around 2:00 in).