Carl Taylor: Debbie’s Groove (w/ Robert Hood Remix)

Blindfolded and the business end of a Glock to your head, you’d guess this is a Floorplan record. And if you’ve read any of last issue’s interview with Robert Hood, you have an idea of how much of a compliment that is.

How appropriate then that Carl Taylor’s synthesis of Disco and driving Techno has at its heart a remix from Robert Hood himself. “Debbie’s Groove” is the centerpiece here; I don’t know who Debbie is but the reasoning behind the rest of the title is clear: this is about the total submission of everything – beats, hooks and all – to an almighty disco groove. Robert Hood’s remix is less a track than an experience: if this incredible mix doesn’t find its way into every peak hour set, it won’t be for my lack of persuasion. This is FIERCE – soul with strings, driving bass and not one but two breaks worthy of an oldtimey Salsoul revival.

Carl’s own “Turbo” remix (a bonus track) is grokable as well – far more driving, imagine something sounding like Vince Watson remixing George Clinton for a release on Tresor. Yeah. “Good Vibrations” is a whole different beast and a classic B-side for an industry that long ago forgot what the flip was supposed to be about: looped into infinity, it puts the purveyors of reclaimed & pilfered disco hooks to shame.