The Cafe De Flore has a tortured history for such a recent release. From 2014, the original album was released under this artist’s true name (as far as I know), Ross A. McMillan. A slightly different version of “Cab Ride (To Cafe De Flore)” appeared in the interim on Midnight Chronicles, the mini-album released under the name Carlos Nilmmns by the label that has released Nilmmns’ best material over the years, Ornaments.

And Nilmmns clearly feels there’s some unfinished business here, and this remastered release is available on Bandcamp now prior to its “official” release in the summer. The word “retro” comes to mind but in a wholly different sense and scope than it’s normally used in these pages. Many of these tracks take ’60s and ’70s soundtracks as their point of departure, with modern elements (like the hectic drums on “Janet Airline”) filling the ruts and notches. Two tracks (“Red and White Paint” and “Beautiful Afternoon”) also feature Detroit’s highly underrated producer Niko Marks. It’s an LP of funk, downtempo grooves and deceptive pastiche – and in the classic sense of that word, these tracks are clearly meant to celebrate, not parody, their source and inspiration. I didn’t hear this record the first time around; I’m glad I didn’t miss it this time too.

Carlos Nilmmns: Cafe De Flore Remastered (Paris Metro)
1. Carlos Nilmmns: Street Chase Scene (Remastered) (02:22)
2. Carlos Nilmmns: Free Thinking (Remastered) (03:21)
3. Carlos Nilmmns: Janet Airline (Remastered) (04:06)
4. Carlos Nilmmns: Persieds Return (Remastered) (05:01)
5. Carlos Nilmmns: Restless Rainy Sunday Afternoon (Remastered) (02:48)
6. Carlos Nilmmns: Meet You At Cafe De Flore (Remastered) (03:02)
7. Carlos Nilmmns: Interlude (Remastered) (02:54)
8. Carlos Nilmmns: Lovestruck (Remastered) (04:11)
9. Carlos Nilmmns: Action (Remastered) (02:42)
10. Carlos Nilmmns, Niko Marks – Red & White Paint (Remastered) (04:13)
11. Carlos Nilmmns: Cab Ride (To Cafe De Flore) (Remastered) (03:14)
12. Carlos Nilmmns: Oberkampf (Remastered) (03:07)
13. Carlos Nilmmns, Niko Marks – Beautiful Afternoon (Album Mix) (Remastered) (03:28)
14. Carlos Nilmmns: Too Much Sun (Remastered) (02:07)


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