Cesar Ramirez – Blue Light Special EP

The title track “Blue Light Special” is probably my favorite track of the trio: jazzy, happy, melodic. It puts you in the mind of a warm Spring night in the city – wherever you live. Check out the swingin’ drum pattern, sampled upright bass, and piano licks throughout… Be careful, you could get caught up in the music and forget what you were supposed to be doing beforehand!

“Center of My Mind”: Okay, now THIS one WILL make you forget what you were gonna do prior to hearing it! “Center Of My Mind” immediately took me to some foreign tribal – yet calm – land, preferably in the tropics! This groove defies musical genres: you can’t just label it House Music and leave it at that… Tribal chants in the backdrop, guided by a relentless conga groove, musically hypnotic throughout. Simply a smooth groove that would move your feet, with or without a dancefloor.

“Latin Vibes”: There’s more to Latin music than Reggaeton you know! This one takes you to the West Coast, to the afterhour spots throughout San Fran and L.A. Another happy and melodic piece, good for the club or the iPod, possibly for your workout routine as well. Don’t ask me what they’re chanting in the background, but it sounds like they had fun in the studio!

All in all, Cesar Ramirez’ EP is a welcome addition to your ear candy music collection.

Review by DJ Lil’John