chad sommer

About 15,000 years ago, Chad Sommer was a photographer and publisher of a magazine called Thousand Words. Some people call it a “zine,” but there’s often a quality (or lack thereof) implicit in that term. Thousand Words was a damn fine looking magazine that documented Chicago’s nightlife in the mid-1990s, when rave culture spiked the punch in club culture and the lofts were spilling over to fuck with them both.

Chad Sommer remixed “Overload” by Sugarcane Family about a year and a half ago, and returns here to Lea Music (DJ Frique’s choice label) for his first original record for the label. Frique’s remix is choice: dubby, twitchy and a little bit high-strung and dangerous.

Chad Sommer: Come On Baby (Lea Music)
1. Chad Sommer: Come On Baby (Original Mix)
2. Chad Sommer: Come On Baby (The Frique Mix)

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