This is the third of a hat trick of great records from Chad Sommer, all coming in steady time from one of the most underrated Chicago house labels out there, Lea. Frique is building something here, the outlines are discernible and at the top he’s unfurled the four starred Chicago flag and he’s keeping it flying.

“Feel You” is just such a microcosm of Chicago: hard jacking percussion pushed way up front in the mix, vocals like hydraulic pumps that could actually not be vocals but hydraulic pumps and tracks that play long in the front and back, made for DJs to play with other records. Chad’s Acid Mix is choice but Frique’s mix is best, a dub dropping out into little more than the pulse of a heartbeat at times before gathering momentum and mounting another charge.

Chad Sommer: Feel You (Frique Mix) / Lea
1. Chad Sommer: Feel You (Original Mix)
2. Chad Sommer: Feel You (Chad’s Acid Mix)
3. Chad Sommer: Feel You (Frique Remix)



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