Really like Change My Mind, this four-track EP from Milan’s Rollover DJs (Tiberio Carcano & Rocco Fusco) featuring three original tracks created with a crack team of Italian musicians, along with an additional Bawrut remix.

Tripped out, minimial-ish, underground Italo disco track “Change My Mind” is built around some bass guitar samples, a bossa nova drum box preset, and a thin kick drum, adding up a lean, stripped sound that manages to be both oddly haunting and relentlessly funky. “What Do You Live For” is a superbly executed Italo slo-mo disc-slo funk jam replete with acoustic and electric guitars, rubbery bass, drifty ’80s synthetic strings and a repeated vocal refrain, that chugs along wonderfully, sounding very much like an outtake from Firefly’s self-titled classic Italo album.

“Never Found The Way” meanwhile is a loose, light, spacey retro disco jam that’s pure 3am narcotic-glitterball-dancefloor fodder, and which is then entirely turned on its head in Bawrut’s remix. Tricking you into thinking you’re getting some kind of vocal deep house track he then drops a bassline made of a dank, grinding sound that shouldn’t really work as a bassline but does, and then sends the whole thing several decades into the future from its Italo roots into a wonderfully edgy, dark-disco-twisted-garage outing. Excellent package.

⚪️ Change My Mind Tracklisting

Rollover DJs: Change My Mind EP (Rollover Milano Records / 12" Vinyl / Digital)
A1. "What Do You Live For?" (4:55)
A2. "Change My Mind" (6:30)
B1. "Never Found The Way" (6:34)
B2. "Never Found The Way" (Bawrut remix) (7:16)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.


5 Mag Issue 211
Out January 2024

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