If Charles Webster started releasing space age bachelor pad music tomorrow, it wouldn’t be a big surprise to me. Webster is one of dance music’s greatest adventurers, a creative nomad that takes the scenic route and always comes back with unique treasures collected during his travels. There’s a restlessness to Webster’s music, the intellectual wandering of an artist constantly in search of new sounds and new thrills and unsatisfied by most of what he finds.

“Secrets Held” is a new single from Webster’s Decision Time album, featuring remixes from Webster and Francis Harris. Entrancing vocals from Emilie Chick set an atmosphere of long shadows and sensuous beats, a downtempo gothic masterpiece.

Webster’s remix is a total refoundation. Without remorse or regret, he strips the track down, cross sticks slapping the rims and Emilie Chick’s voice intertwined with a gentle, bewitching strum. Francis Harris picks up on the spirit of adventure in his own eclectic remix. Both here and in Webster’s mix there’s a residue of, I don’t know, almost folk music — the kind of musical alchemy of vintage Dead Can Dance that blends polyrhythms and holy chants from cultures that never before touched one another. I don’t know how you would characterize this music any better than that, except to say it’s magical.

Charles Webster featuring Emilie Chick: Secrets Held (Dimensions Recordings / June 2021 / Digital)
1. Charles Webster: Secrets Held (Radio Edit) ft Emilie Chick (04:34)
2. Charles Webster: Secrets Held ft Emilie Chick (06:41)
3. Charles Webster: Secrets Held (Charles Webster Mix) ft Emilie Chick (04:42)
4. Charles Webster: Secrets Held (Francis Harris Re-Form) ft Emilie Chick (08:22)
5. Charles Webster: The Spell (High Skies Remix) ft Ingrid Chavez (05:06)

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