Kiko Navarro & 6th Borough Project Remix Chasing Kurt’s Cloud Dancer

Peppermint Jam is turning out to be one of the best "old" labels releasing great "new" music.

We’ve slept on this one. We need to cut that shit out. Peppermint Jam has stacked more outstanding releases atop one another this year than pretty much any vintage label. I’ve gone on about this before but in a world in which the great names of history are increasingly becoming generic “brands” meant to sell overpriced tickets to shitfestivals, people who are this into the music need to be singled out, praised, championed.

So it is with Chasing Kurt’s “Cloud Dancer,” the title track of their album which was released in a sweet pack of remixes in mid-September. The legendary Kiko Navarro dips into deep, dubby and techy house without losing his soul, and that stands as both a description of a track and a measure of a man. Kiko is truly releasing some of his most inspired work these days, some of it on remixes like this one. I’m a fan here of the “Classic Vibe” mix which strips it down and gets so deep in the mix it bumps just as well in a small brick basement box as a big room.

On top of that are three remixes from 6th Borough Project: a slow & sensual, tribal remix, an instrumental of the same and the “Percapella.”

Chasing Kurt: Cloud Dancer (The Remixes) (Peppermint Jam)
1. Chasing Kurt: Cloud Dancer (Kiko Navarro Remix) (10:42)
2. Chasing Kurt: Cloud Dancer (Kiko Navarro Classic Vibe) (7:03)
3. Chasing Kurt: Cloud Dancer (6th Borough Project Remix) (7:29)
4. Chasing Kurt: Cloud Dancer (6th Borough Project Instrumental) (7:29)
5. Chasing Kurt: Cloud Dancer (6th Borough Project Percapella) (6:06)
6. Chasing Kurt: Cloud Dancer (6:17)



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