Chemars: “Getcha Hustle On”

The original is perfect if you dig the funk. Quick saxophone honks and simple keys drift in and out of this one. There’s some odd, guitar-like break for 16 bars, which I’d never like on its own but it somehow fits perfectly. The original includes a percussion section and then a funny, intriguing voice saying “homeboy”… only I imagine it’s actually spelled “homeboi” by the cool accent at the end of the voice. Don’t fret, ’cause the funk comes right back in then. The original is one I’d definitely put in my crate labeled “jus’ muthafukin’ good (aka funky).” The Kinky Dub is a little smoother than the main track (the sax comes out more) but it’s still very much in the funky category. The Jeff Service Stop N Go Remix is way boomier, ready for some mad, bad dancin’ in your own world (go ahead, no one’s looking at you). This remix is perfect for when it’s super-late and you close your eyes and all you think is “bass bass bass bass” and you still got a good three hours left in you for breakin’ all crazy in a dirty corner of the warehouse. This is not one of those records that you’d need to have on vinyl… but it’s one that would steer me toward buying some mp3 decks.

Review by Lydia Wrobel