Heart 2 Heart is Chez Damier, Ben Vedren and Paul Cut, and rarely do you come across a collaborative project in which it’s so apparent what everyone brought to the mix. Chez Damier is our everything, pushing a soul-drenched deep house sound into a new age with partners and projects like these and this one. Vedren exposes the techier side of electronic music and from writing about his last few records I think Paul Cut is probably one of the most innately talented pure musicians making house records right now.

“Tempo of Love” is the lead and I think the proof of concept for Heart 2 Heart as a three-headed production monster and a forthcoming Heart 2 Heart album. It has a more electro sound than you’d expect from a Chez Damier record (that metronome effect from which it probably takes its title), and a more earthy flavor of soul than you’d expect to hear from Ben Vedren and I’m guessing the dense saturation of strings that descend like a thundershower and never let up are the work or inspiration of Paul Cut. Scrape away at the top soil and you’ll find a dynamic, shuffling groove that holds the whole thing together like mud.

That same potent formula – soul + tech and a divine musicality – spreads through the other three tracks, “Beggin Bread” (remixed by Tuccillo with an additional dub) and “St. Georges, a Dedication to Shazz.” Heart 2 Heart comes closer to jazz than house music ever does.

H2H: Tempo of Love/Beggin Bread / The Gathering

A1. H2H: “Tempo Of Love” (6:25)
A2. H2H: “Track 2” (6:08)
B1. H2H: “Beggin Bread” (Tuccillo club mix) (7:18)
B2. H2H: “Beggin Bread” (Tuccillo dub mix) (6:03)



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