Chicago Skyway

Three original tracks of absolutely perfect Deep House from Chicago Skyway, with a remix from Altered Moods’ Malcolm Moore rounding out a stellar release. What’s perfect? Probably that you can listen to these soaring chords and emotive strings while sitting comfortably, but why would you want to? No getting lost in navel-gazing production here: all four tracks are made for the dancefloor.

If you think “peak hour” material needs textbook builds, YouTube tutorial drops and cliché samples from your parents’ Salsoul collection, listen to “Pink Donut” and see another way it can be done. I’m not sure what heaven is like, or if heaven exists, but if the angels have drum machines then this is the sort of thing you’ll hear on final approach.

The title track lives up to its name – a hectic electronic anthem with thunderclaps buried in the mix, and the perfect source for Moore’s sultry remix.


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