Chris Minus: Drained Delays EP

This is just one great Chris Minus EP released in April, but without question the easiest to get excited about. The man from Denmark understands how to create one serious groove.

Chez Damier talked about creating music with Ron Trent specifically for the dance floor and big sound systems – “sounds that would come out and grab you and feel you and spank you”. Every time I listen to the main synth in “Eye Floater” I feel like I’m ready to be slapped up via speaker. I’m seriously itching to get on a big sound system and bump the living hell out of this.

“Do’s and Don’ts” is tracky and deep. If it doesn’t grab you out the box, just exercise patience young grasshopper. This is one that needs time to weave its magic over you. “Beats for Freaks” on the flip is just up front and to the point. It sounds more intense if you’re just listening to it, but in mixing it I find the kick is a little softer so I’d say it’s works as a good energy builder. Just a small opinion, but hey, all 3 work great for the dance floor and what else do you need really?

As a side note I would just like to say that I also thoroughly enjoyed Chris’ release on UM Records as well this month. Be sure to check out both!