Four tracks of classy ’90s-style deep house on what’s going to be a big record for Chris Stussy and perennial fave at 5 Mag, French-based Rutilance Records. There’s too much polish to and contemporary sensibility about these to call them throwbacks but every track feels like that dope cut that you’d buy a whole EP to get. Stussy has a highly personalized sound – I think I can hear the searing clubby edge of Strictly-era Roger Sanchez but that’s a stab in the dark – a lot of these elements are too leftfield to belong to anyone but Stussy himself. “Forever Moving” is a track that could have not only be played in Chicago but made in Chicago. Electro City Moving veers from basement jams to hypnotic dubby deep shit with “Synchronicity” to the twitchy throbbing bass of “Electrogirl.”

Chris Stussy: Electro City Moving EP / Rutilance Recordings
A1. Chris Stussy: “Edge Of The Mirror” (6:12)
A2. Chris Stussy: “Forever Moving” (6:46)
B1. Chris Stussy: “Synchronicity” (6:07)
B2. Chris Stussy: “Electrogirl” (6:02)



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