I have this record with Frankie Knuckles on tape talking about how you have to listen to everything, without having to like all of it, in order to better understand where you’re going with what you’re doing. When I google Chrissy Murderbot, the words “music encyclopedia” immediately pop up. He’s entrenched, he’s versed and he’s been around the block. The world knows his name because of his contributions to the juke and footwork scenes. I personally get excited when someone like Chrissy, shifts focus to house and disco, especially when the words “first true love” accompany them.

This record is about love – Miles Bonny imploring his to join him and ditch the other guy who knows nothing about it. The fusion of disco with R&B here is not only seamless, it’s timeless. Chicago’s Rahaan delivers a proper midtempo re-edit of “Join Me” as well. “Get It” is a much faster paced jam with classic samples but still fresh and fun as hell to mix in and out of.

Out: Released digitally last week.

Published first in 5 Mag Issue #127, February 15 2016