I became a fan of Christopher Coe in the behind-the-scenes work to getting Tristan Dominguez’s interview with him into print in 5 Mag #162. Part of it comes down to authenticity: his MNTNS of SLNC record was an honest attempt to convey something like “art” in a techno record without being pretentious or self-consciously outre; there was a story greater than each individual track and I thought he carried it off wonderfully.

“Let It Go” was not my favorite track on the album but taken in isolation here I found a new appreciation for it: it’s too sinister for pop but the sophisticated arrangement gives “Let It Go” a pop-like sheen. You could put it next to your albums containing the furthest flung elements of synthpop and atmospheric techno and it kind of fits with both of them and it kind of doesn’t.

Here it gets remixed by Steve Mulder and Saytek. Mulder plays up the epic elements of “Let It Go” and turns it into almost an arena anthem – I mean you can envision thousands of festival weirdos bouncing in an unnatural way when you listen to this. Saytek makes it as dubby as he dares; his hectic, claustrophobic mix makes it stand out further than any but the original.

Christopher Coe: Let It Go / Awesome Soundwave
1. Christopher Coe: Let It Go (Original remastered) (07:03)
2. Christopher Coe: Let It Go (Saytek remix) (06:20)
3. Christopher Coe: Let It Go (Steve Mulder remix) (07:01)



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