Their 18th release is the most beautiful record Synapsis has yet released. Hakim Murphy and Christopher Rau have few simple answers for the Geopolitical Problems Yet To Be Solved. “Sad Rain” ravishes the listener with dreamy arp lines crashing like ceaseless opium waves. Analog rattles and clicks set a steady beat for an EP of moody synths that evoke powerful feelings and emotions with just a few notes. “Ja Logo” and “Single Cell Organism” are more uptempo takes – there’s probably an answer for the Problems, or the suggestion of one, in the way this record evolves from meditative to explosive extroversion, should we care to listen. More broadly speaking, though, it has to be stated that with Synapsis, Hakim Murphy has succeeded in the increasingly rare achievement of creating a structure and an institution greater than any and all of the artists involved.

Christopher Rau & Hakim Murphy: Geopolitical Problems Yet To Be Solved (Synapsis)
A1. Christopher Rau & Hakim Murphy: “Sad Rain” (7:40)
A2. Christopher Rau & Hakim Murphy: “The Old Purple One” (5:08)
B1. Christopher Rau & Hakim Murphy: “Ja Logo” (7:46)
B2. Christopher Rau & Hakim Murphy: “Single Cell Organism” (6:36)


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