Chubby Fingers: Into the Night EP

This gem created in the San Fran Bay and out now on Chicago’s Funktion label relies on its funkiness and grooviness to wrangle your ears. Each of the three versions are different enough that you could totally rely on all of them, depending on the kind of night you’re having. They all have this amazing retro-y, ’80s vocal blurb (“… ’cause livin’ in tha streets is livin’ a lie”) that pops up from almost nowhere and totally surprises your feet as it flows. If you happen to be making a film about a dance crew in 1984, this tune needs to be your main track! The Anjiro Rijo Mix is boomin’ with a bit of tribal in it, but the Jazz-e Relectrofucinmix is my top choice because it’s the chillest of the three – but still totally upbeat and danceable – and it drops the best of the retro blurbs! But you might want to go with the Vince Moogin & Greed ‘n Pride Remix; it’s faster, clubbier, and it even has a taste of jazzy horns in it, but that retro blurb is more integrated into the groove on this one. Depending on your mood, you can’t go wrong with any of these three. Review by Lydia Wrobel