Cinthie Aus Music

Disco, sweat and strings with more soul than should be possible: Cinthie has saved one of her best for Aus Music and the forthcoming Mesmerizing EP is going to be a monster record. The title track is exactly as advertised: hypnotic as hell, all glorious strings and a vocal loop that reaches down and buries a bit of itself in your soul before it’s through with you.

On “Time To Move,” Cinthie is just in love with the strings – a six note melody that should be the lead in to a break just hangs there, looping, building up anticipation for a wild bassline that gallops totally out of control.

I’ve always grabbed Cinthie‘s records when I saw them and played them when I could, but this is next-level material. At a time when every trendy DJ is rushing toward antiseptic big room beats drained of energy and vitality, Cinthie is dropping a three track EP that is nothing but fire.

Cinthie: Mesmerizing / Aus Music
A1. Cinthie: “Mesmerizing”
B1. Cinthie: “Time To Move”
B2. Cinthie: “Dancing”



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