This is the third edition of Claremont 56’s compilation series and sticks to the winning formula of the previous two collections, gathering together a combination of label rarities, unreleased versions and brand new music too.

Claremont 56 specialise in that most tricky-to-define genre Balearic, so this compilation features nine tracks that draw on dub, jazz funk, slo-mo, psychedelic, Latin and various shades of downtempo electronica, the kind of music that have your average music writer reaching for adjectives like “blissed-out” and “sun-kissed.”

While the layers of percolating percussion on Bosq’s mix of Hillside’s “For Daniel”make for a churning Latin-funk excursion, most of the music here isn’t really dance floor material, or if it is, it’s for an extremely laid-back dance floor. “Va Là Bas” from Jpye, Renato and Michael T is jazz funk-tinged samba while the Idjut Boys’ Conrad McDonnell remix of Paqua’s “The Visitor” stretches it out into a hazy, minimalist dub-Balearic journey. Taichi Arakawa’s “Ocean Sunrise” is a gently pulsating electronic lullaby while Ferdi Schuster’s “The Fuzz Version” is a dreamlike mix of acoustic guitar, flute, pitter-pattering percussion and wordless vocals.

Overall it’s another enchanting collection of quality Balearica from Claremont 56.

This record was not submitted as a promo.

⚪️ Tracklisting

V/A: Claremont Editions Vol. 3 (Claremont 56 / Digital / CD / Vinyl)
1. Hillside - Polevault (07:17)
2. Hillside - For Daniel (Bosq Remix) (05:11)
3. Mike Salta & Mortale - Seashore Redemption (06:58)
4. Jpye & Renato Feat. Michael T - Va Là-Bas (05:44)
5. Taichi Arakawa - Ocean Sunrise (04:35)
6. Neumayer Station - Crossings (07:26)
7. Paqua - The Visitor (Conrad’s Love Shark Mix) (07:08)
8. Neumayer Station - Unterführung (08:12)
9. Ferdi Schuster - The Fuzz Version (06:09)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was not submitted as a promo.


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