clemens k

A notable debut from Moody Records (not the one you’re thinking about) featuring Clemens K and a long, luxuriant journey to every chill destination on the planet.

Reverie takes in Brazilian vibes in the lead-off “Estate,” strange tribal drumming on “Her” and “Trop/Cali” speaks for itself. More Balearic than downtempo, it nevertheless pulls in a bit of both, and then some. The sonorous horns on “Her” are a good example of the subtle genre-defying style: what seems straightforward veers toward the margins and what something appears to be is quickly what it is not. “Das Haus” is heavy-as-heaven downtempo roots and probably my favorite track on the EP, but that just counts for today.


Originally published in 5 Magazine Issue 141, featuring Sumsuch on Kiko Navarro, Paris’ legendary soulful mecca Djoon, Rondell Adams & more. Become a member of 5 Magazine for First & Full Access to Real House Music.