If you’ve been holding back because you’re too cool for a fun persona like “Clive From Accounts,” I’m here to tell you that you’re missing out on some incredible deep house records. “Tell Me,” the lead track from Clive’s Strictly Business EP is gorgeous, the rousing vocals evoking something like the gospel-inspired soul being pumped out on a steady basis by Hifi Sean over these last few years. The punchy chords behind it and polished sound hits so hard. This is an amazing track right here, and it’s not an outlier — not even on this one EP. “Without Your Love” pushes fragmentary, breathy brass up to the front with big vocals that sound like the Commodores (but, Officer Copyright, are not the Commodores) trailing behind.

The B Side leads off with commercial jazz meets deep house on the title track, “Strictly Business.” “Yukon” is a treat for DJs who know what to do with something halfway between a breakbeat DJ tool and a stripped down, bass-heavy percussion workout.

Clive From Accounts: Strictly Business EP (Razor-N-Tape / 12″ Vinyl / Digital / November 2021)
1. Clive From Accounts: Tell Me (05:10)
2. Clive From Accounts: Without Your Love (06:13)
3. Clive From Accounts: Strictly Business (05:26)
4. Clive From Accounts: Yukon (04:47)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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