Various Artists strikes again with an EP that’s more of a label sampler and nearly as long as an album from the dynamic new label Closer To Truth. Launched with a series of free tracks from Alex Agore, David Nicol and Closer To Truth is taking no prisoners – there’s been a new release every couple of weeks since the label launched in late 2015. With EPs from the likes of Alex and James Johnston (two producers whose work always seems to circle back on one another), it’s like they’re almost daring you to keep up with ’em.

Some (relatively) frequent fliers and familiar names augment Chapter Two, leading off with Alex Agore’s wonderful “Elisha,” the upbeat and trippy “Daily Routine” from Intr0beatz and the shuffling (and mostly non-acidic) “Acid People” from Stevie B. aka Snazzy Trax. Some new finds: Gregory Dub with the floor pleaser “Shifted” and Nicolas Meyer’s strangely titled altered states soundtrack “The Massacre.” If you are shopping for some real Deep House records – records with some grit, some grime and moments of undeniable artistry – this label has become indispensable.

Out: Beatport

Published first in 5 Mag Issue #127, February 15 2016


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