From Kano to N.O.I.A., nobody’s done live electronic music better than the Italians. Club Soda is the latest live Italian sensation and with this strong 6 track EP out of the back room of the Italian record store Flexi Cuts their legend is bound to grow.

Vibin’ Places hits that perfect balance between listening music and music with a dancefloor groove. They fire off lightning bolts from a quiver of analog machines, with handclaps and cosmic disco FX stirred with a modern deep house vibe. Their self-titled anthem “Club Soda” sets the mood, with a lively bassline from a George Benson record keeping it light and snappy atop distant robot lullabies shimmering in the back of the mix. That’s about where this project is: someplace in the imagination where George Benson and deep house meet, on a terrain dusty from a detonated Italo glitterbomb.

The EP flows together like a continuous mix, but it is at its best when at its most experimental — “Finally We Have a DX7” captures the wide-eyed enthusiasm of technological discovery and creative bliss.

Club Soda: Vibin’ Places / Flexi Cuts (February 2020/12″ Vinyl)
1. Club Soda: Club Soda (07:46)
2. Club Soda: Things Change (06:52)
3. Club Soda: Chicago Fire (07:05)
4. Club Soda: Finally We Have A Dx7 (08:54)
5. Club Soda: Shake Well For A Better Flavour (06:43)
6. Club Soda: Bob From Outer Space (04:47)



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