Club Soda is a live act from Italy — a house band in the classic sense of Ten City and Master C&J. 5 Mag reviewed their Vibin’ Places EP a year ago, which built on a tradition of Italian live electronica from Kano to N.O.I.A.

Their sound is smoother, though, and it doesn’t get much smoother than their Summer EP. Shining in the ruby and amber light of sunset beaches and tequila skylines, “Summer, Hold On” is an 8 minute cut from what must be an even longer deep house jam session. It’s not hard to imagine the right environment in which this track will shine. In case that is still too hard, the “Slow Vibe Mix” drops it down to an insulated and sublime 85 beats per minute. And in the opposite direction: Melchior Sultana’s remix brings it up for the nightlife without losing those exquisite live elements.

Club Soda’s “ReTouch” of Chris Rea’s 1985 single “Josephine” appears as a Bandcamp exclusive and presents a different side to the band’s sound — a more soulful take on synthpop or synthwave. Would kill for more tracks like this.

Club Soda: Summer EP (Flexi Cuts / July 2021 / Cassette Tape / Digital)
1. Club Soda: Summer, Hold On (Original Madness Mix) (07:55)
2. Club Soda: Summer, Hold On (Melchior Sultana Remix) (07:19)
3. Club Soda: Summer, Hold On (Slow Vibe Mix) (06:51)
4. Club Soda: Josephine (Club Soda Re-Touch) ~ BANDCAMP EXCLUSIVE (05:22)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo on behalf of the label.



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