Social Factory Reset is (somehow!) CMD’s vinyl debut, and she takes the opportunity to wreck your head with one of the finest produced techno EPs you’ll hear.

There’s a vastness, a spaciousness to the tracks on this label debut for Fixed Rhythms, but it’s particularly apparent on the title track. “Social Factory Reset” seems to erupt from the wax and hurl itself into three dimensional space. Drum triggers and claps on the more claustrophobic and close-to-the-metal “Shaping Inner Space” have an almost tactile shape and texture.

I’ve reviewed a few of CMD’s records before, and while I’ve always been impressed by what I’ve heard, this is really next-level material. These tracks aren’t just mentally or emotionally engrossing but physically as well, rolling with dark grooves, serpentine basslines and surly acid anaerobic exercises.

CMD: Social Factory Reset (Fixed Rhythms / 12″ Vinyl)
1. CMD: Social Factory Reset (06:06)
2. CMD: Shaping Inner Space (06:11)
3. CMD: Dream-Life Cycles (06:45)
4. CMD: Body Locked (04:56)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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