El Tropico: Summer’s Last Sleaze from Coco à Gogo

Sleazy island disco from Tartine Records in France...

It’s always summer somewhere. It isn’t where I live but you can taste the salt and sun between the grooves on this poppy, uptempo tropical funk number from Paris imprint Tartine Records.

Coco à Gogo are a duo who made this “seaside-flavored release made between Paris and [the] French west coast.” Of special note here is the Sylvester-influenced island disco of the A2 track, “Corrado Club.” If you squint you can actually see the fabulous one shimmy, and that’s worth the price of admission alone.

“Trico Monti” and “Behari” are like blurry snapshots of a lost weekend or a daydream of having another one. Lots of people try to cop this sound and they wind up sounding like deep house made for Boomers. From the vibe and atmosphere to the relentlessly bouncy bass, these guys get it.

Coco à Gogo: Lo O Goulo / Tartine Records (Digital/12″ Vinyl)
A1. Coco a Gogo: “En Croisiere” (4:49)
A2. Coco a Gogo: “Corrado Club” (5:21)
B1. Coco a Gogo: “Trico Monti” (5:34)
B2. Coco a Gogo: “Behari Plage” (4:19)



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