Nobody captures the butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling of being 9 or 39 and being in love than Colette. You got it or you don’t, because it isn’t easy to be sensual, awkward, adorable – adorkable – at the same time but a few turns of phrase and she gets it done. I have no idea what it means to have a girl want to “hit you with my water balloon” (and I’m not responsible for my actions if this someday happens) but she makes it sound as innocent and fun as riding the KISS-themed rides at Great America.

“Crush” is the first release from Candy Talk in nearly a year (and, rumor has it, the stepping stone to a new album). The song has the polish of having been extensively road-tested ahead of time, perhaps none more so than Sonny Fodera’s remix. It’s refreshingly straight-forward and direct, with scattered elements of a new wave/Italo sound gleaming like sapphires in the mud. This works or falls apart with the vocal and Sonny is smart enough to recognize that and let it shine. Nonfiction also provides two remixes, of which the Dub is probably our choice.