Queen crusher Colette lets her public display of affection burn slowly with a fresh round of remixes of “Crush”, originally released a few months ago on her Candy Talk label.

Detroit roomies Hugh Cleal and Bryan Jones bring the party to the bubble gum boardwalk arcade. No adults allowed – just grab your quarters, put your seatbelt on and go cruisin’ USA. It’s one of the strongest outings from these two so far this year and they’ve had more than their fair share.

If Chuck Love’s version were personified in video game form I’d probably pick Spy Hunter. There’s this ongoing popping static-type sound throughout that gives it a very novelty feel. After seeing him open for Colette years ago I’m not the least bit surprised to hear all the wonderful live bass in this track! Calling it the “Horns Remix” is a tad deceptive if you ask me because the bass and the old school drum kits take center stage. The horns are just the catalyst to bring them roaring back to life.