The minute you hear the hook on Sonny Fodera’s remix, you’ll know too that “On a High” is gonna be a hit. Colette has never sounded better than she does on the second release from her Candy Talk label. Make no mistake, her vocals are the main show here, by turns beltin’ out the chorus and purring lyrics drenched in sensuality – flowers and honeybees, locks and keys, things that are pointy going into things that are not.

In fact, this track is so good, I thought this would make a killer single off a new album, but instead we’re presented with four mixes with a decidedly Jackin’ House bent to ’em.

Sonny’s mix features some sweet slap bass, a funk groove and a hook so wide it’ll take the top of your head off. Hodges Junction Re-Rub dismantles and reassembles the vocal into a kind of sexed-up jazz scat. Now this is what a remix should be: it’s a radical departure from the other mixes, rather than a light retouch for the purposes of tagging another name on a single. The frenetic drop at 4:00 in one of those white-knuckle moments of euphoria that has to be heard – hopefully in a sweaty brick room, at three in the morning, with a head full of intoxicants – to be appreciated.

Giano’s Patron Mixer is techier to some degree, with (1980s, not modern) stylized electro keys. Chuck Love has the deepest mix, with some fantastic atmospheric FX.